What is a Yard Clean up

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great positive day. I wanted to tell everyone a little more about my services and what it entails. Let’s say you can’t afford to do a complete landscaping job.  So  the next best thing maybe a yard clean up. So what I would do is trim  and prune all bushes, trees and shrubs. Then clean out all flower beds and whatever else needs to be done. to bring your yard back. If your yard is over grown sometimes that is all it needs is a good clean up as I call it. And the price is much less then redoing it all. So if you have any questions in regards to doing a yard clean up please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to give you a free estimate as well as look for my discount specials at my website Landscapingbygreg.com . I will work one on one with you to meet all your needs and make your yard the way you want it look. Always glad to be of help.

Thank you all very much, Greg of Landscapingbygreg.com

Japanese Garden at Cal State Long Beach


Hi Everyone,

Back in 1980 I was a part of building the Japanese Garden at Cal State Long Beach. It was something I will never forget. From how it was designed, built and became the what it is today.  I was just starting at CSULB  as a groundsman. This was laid out and designed by this gentleman from Japan. It was quite the undertaking. From planting all the plants to building the pond  to the water falls. Even every rock had to be set a certain way. But in the end it became what it is today a very beautiful setting.  If you would like to read more about it. Please go to CSULB website and click on Japanese Garden.  It is used for many events, weddings, parties and many other events. Or if you like just sit and relax and enjoy it.

Thank you very much, Greg